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Dustin Colquitt remebers when he met Art Rooney Sr.

(Photo via Dustin Colquitt's Instagram)

Newly signed Dustin Colquitt will be wearing the black and gold this season for the first time ever. As for his father Craig Colquitt, this is nothing new to him. He played with the Steelers from 1978-1984. Craig also played in Super Bowl XIII and XIV. Dustin has fond memories of Three Rivers Stadium when his Dad played with the Steelers. His father Craig would bring him to walkthroughs before home games.

Can you imagine Art Rooney Sr. picking you up and bringing you to his office so he could give you signed memorabilia? That is something you would never forget for the rest of your life. Colquitt says Art Rooney Sr. told him one day he will be a superstar. Little did he know he became a Super Bowl-winning punter in the NFL.

"He found a Pirates baseball, which I still have to this day, and he signed it, 'Dusty, one day you will be a superstar,'" Colquitt said.

Colquitt said he told that story to fans no matter what team he was on because they can appreciate something about 'The Chief.' Colquitt is pumped to become a Steeler because he heard a lot of stories from his father Craig about all the Steelers' legends from the 1970s dynasty.

"I'm pumped because I have been here before. It was so long ago I don't remember, but I got to hear all of the stories about Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, so this is coming to life and I am really excited about the opportunity," Colquitt said. "Since I was a kid my dad said, 'iron sharpens iron.' It's in the Bible. I've stuck to that. I'm excited about being here in Pittsburgh. We lived in Mt. Lebanon when I was growing up. I remember the preschool year I was here and then we moved back to Tennessee. Routine is the only thing that will be different. I am very fortunate to get in this locker room. We've got a good team, so watch out."

The Steelers recently released Jordan Berry and replaced him with Colquitt. He is a 15-year veteran who has won a Super Bowl in the NFL. His father has played in two Super Bowls. He lives in a football family. Now he comes to Pittsburgh just like his father in hopes of winning another Super Bowl and contributing to a one of a kind organization.

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