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Dupree and Watt want to be an even better duo in the NFL.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The Steelers have a special duo in Pittsburgh coming off of the edges. Not many NFL teams have the Elite talent that the Steelers do when it comes to TJ Watt and Bud Dupree. Both are super competitive and also put in the extra work to build on their craft. Dupree said both work hard in the offseason and on the practice field. They want to challenge themselves and continue getting better and better at the game of football.

"We work hard in the offseason. We work hard in practice," Dupree said. "We want to continue to get better and better each week and continue to be a threat. We want to keep that fire underneath us so we can push the defense to be the best it can be."

Bud acknowledges there is never enough knowledge in football so getting better mentally and physically is their goal.

"There is never enough knowledge in the game of football," Dupree said. "Continuing to get better is going to take a progression of things, mentally, physically, just seeing things on the field. If I see things on my side of the field, I can relate it to T.J. because he might get it on his side of the field as well."

Tomlin recently said during his weekly Tuesday press conference that TJ Watt is a lone wolf when it comes to practicing and the only player he sees him talking to is Bud Dupree. Watt says they both work so well together and continue to grow.

"We work so well together," Watt said. "We continue to grow, continue to push each other. That is the great thing about the relationship between Bud and I. We are always trying to find ways to get better, whether it's individually or collectively. Whether he learns something in the offseason and comes back and tells me about it and vice versa. Or if I find something on film that might help him on his side, I am always willing to share. We are an open book for each other. We want to be the best possible duo we can be, not only for ourselves but more importantly for the team. We know if we are making splash plays, we are helping the team win games."

Bud says TJ is his "Dawg,' and is a hard worker on the field. He says TJ is always a serious guy all the time. Dupree enjoys being around Watt and loves to pick his brain.

"T.J. is my dawg," Dupree said. "T.J., he is what you get. He is a hard worker on the field and off the field. He is a serious guy all of the time. Even during the day, he is trying to think of ways to get better. He is a great person to be around. A great person to exchange and pick brains with."

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