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Dulac says the Steelers have two options this offseason in regards to Vince Williams

Vince Williams is one of the most underrated Steeler players on the team. When Devin Bush went down Williams became one of the key communicators on the Steelers defense. At times he even wore the green dot to call the Steelers plays. Vince is a veteran on the Steelers defense who can help young linebackers like Devin Bush and even future linebackers who the Steelers decide to bring in from the draft. Vince Williams is great in stopping the run but can have issues being in coverage at times.

Gerry Dulac recently wrote an article talking about the Steelers cap situation with the Post Gazette. He said the Steelers have two options in regards to Vince Williams. Either take a pay cut or be released just like what happened to James Harrison in 2013 when the Steelers asked him to take a $3 million dollar pay cut from his $6.5 million dollar deal. Harrison refused to take the pay cut and eventually was released from the team. He then ended up with the Bengals.

Dulac makes a good point $7 million is the cap hit from Vince Williams which is a decent amount for him, but if the Steelers were to release him the Steelers would still be liable for $4 million. Hopefully, Vince would take a pay cut for the best interest of the team if he was asked. If he doesn't it is understandable this is a business and both sides will need to do what is best for themselves.

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