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Dulac: Barring any strange turn of events in the First Round the Steelers will draft a Running Back

The Pittsburgh Steelers will soon be on the clock in the 2021 NFL Draft. Many draft analysts feel the Steelers will be drafting Najee Harris, but it is unclear if he will be there for the Steelers by the time they draft at number 24. I've never seen the Steelers be so transparent with their first-round draft choice like they seem to be heading into the 2021 NFL draft and that leads me to many questions... Is this just a smokescreen? Are the Steelers really just hoping for the best with Najee Harris? Do they really feel comfortable Harris will be there for them by the time they pick? It just seems out of left field what the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be doing.

The Steelers normally like to keep their draft picks close to their vest, but with the amount of attention they have been showing Najee Harris over the 2021 offseason, it doesn't seem like a smokescreen at this point. I feel like the Steelers want Najee Harris, but they know he could be gone early so they're hoping for the best while making it known they want him in Pittsburgh. Again I don't know how that helps the Steelers make Harris fall to them? Unless they're confident he will be there when they draft.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported this morning that the Steelers like both Najee Harris and Travis Etienne, but if Najee Harris is there with their 24th pick it will be Najee Harris. Not only that he also reported barring any strange turn of events in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft the Steelers will draft a running back. He did leave an Easter Egg in his tweet saying plans could change if a QB could drop to them especially one they can land at 'Heinz Fields.' Meaning they like Justin Fields and plans would change if he can fall to the Steelers.


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