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'Draft Experts' during the 2021 offseason have motivated Alex Highsmith to work harder

The Steelers had a tough 2021 offseason while losing some key players on the defensive side of the ball. One of those key players they lost was Bud Dupree. In a way, it hurt the Steelers to lose Dupree, but there was no way the organization was going to pay Dupree the contract he received by the Titans. I expect the Titans to regret that contract in a few years.

Now the Steelers will move forward with Alex Highsmith as their starting edge in 2021. Especially after not drafting an edge early on in the 2021 NFL draft. Throughout the offseason, many draft experts said the Steelers should take an edge early on in the 2021 NFL draft after losing Dupree. They feel Highsmith is still too raw and will have a tough time right away becoming the Steeler's top edge opposite to Watt. PFF even said the Steelers should draft an edge in the first two rounds of the NFL draft! Which is crazy to say.

Highsmith said seeing the draft experts suggesting the Steelers needed to pick an edge rusher in the first round of the NFL draft motivated him to work harder in the 2021 offseason after OTAs today. His dad even brought this up during the offseason saying his son has been working very hard in North Carolina.

Today his father posted a tweet showing Highsmith during OTAs and he looks to be in great shape. It is definitely a big year for Highsmith to show he belongs as a starting outside linebacker in the NFL.


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