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Dobbs or Rudolph this Sunday if Ben can't play?

(Photo Obtained via Getty Images from Justin K. Aller)

This is an easy answer. It will definitely be Rudolph with him getting more experience in practice. It just wouldn't make sense for Dobbs to instantly come back and play this Sunday. Many Steelers fans are quite infatuated with the idea of having Josh Dobbs' running ability. Which, is quite an interesting thing with the rise of mobile quarterbacks.

Still, I see Rudolph getting the nod over Dobbs. Rudolph is the more experienced player. Last year, before the Earl Thomas hit, he was actually playing quite well. So, we will definitely take the experience despite the uneasy potential play.

All in all, the Bengals aren't the best team right now. Burrow looks good. However, his protection is quite terrible and he is put on the ground quite a lot. Hopefully the Steelers have a field day on Sunday.

Big Ben still has a chance of being okay by Saturday, which Steelers fans will all hope for. We definitely will be missing him if he is not able to play. He's also dealing with minor injuries in his knees, so maybe the Steelers will opt for him to take a rest week at this stage in the season.

We are 8-0, but the Wolves are at our door. The Chiefs, Bills and Ravens are not too far behind. So Ben playing, will be the best.

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