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Diontate Johnson has been Working on his Hands during the 2021 offseason to Help Alleviate Drops

Diontae Johnson possesses all of the talent in the world to become one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. That is if he can find a way to hold onto the football. Once Johnson can get over his issues with dropping the football I believe he could be a top 20 wide receiver in the NFL. Especially with how much Ben Roethlisberger loves to throw to DJ.

No team had more drops than the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL during the 2020 season (41). Seven of those drops could have been touchdowns in 2020 according to 93.7 the fan. There is no excuse to drop the football once you get up to the professional level. Diontae Johnson knows that and that is why he decided to take his punishment against the Buffalo Bills by being benched in order to get his mental state in check.

One of the biggest issues with drops in regards to Diontate Johnson was his mental state. He was getting too frustrated by dropping the football but wasn't having any issues during practices with the Steelers. I think at the end of the day Johnson became too hard on himself while reading all of the criticism through social media. That is why Johnson decided to 'shut out the noise' and just get back to playing football the way he knows how to play after he was benched. It seemed to pay off for him as there weren't really many drops toward the end of the season with DJ.

Diontate Johnson is working on correcting his issues with dropping the football: “I’ve been catching on my tennis ball machine I bought this offseason,” Johnson said. “It’s a smaller target, so you’ve got to really focus on the ball. It’s not a big object coming at you. That’s really been what I’ve been honing onto, so when I catch a football, it’s easy. I’ve just got to catch the ball, that’s my job, I’m a receiver and that’s what I get paid to do so. There are no excuses behind that. It’s all tied down to focus. If a bad play happens, you’ve got to move on from it and can’t dwell on it.”


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