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Dionate Johnson says nothing is going to keep him out of the Ravens game Sunday

Dionate Johnson has been struggling this season to stay healthy on the field. He has had a toe injury since training camp, a back injury that kept him out Week 6 against the Browns and was dealing with an ankle injury during the Titans game this past Sunday. The ankle injury initially looked serious enough to have Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin come to check on him while he was down, but he walked off the field. During his post-game interview, he said his ankle injury was not serious.

Diontae Johnson after the Titans Game: “It was just a little ankle bruise or whatnot, but nothing going to keep me out of the game.”

It was also revealed during the offseason that the second-year wide receiver was dealing with a groin injury. So unfortunately his career has been marred by injuries. The good news is he said this morning his ankle feels fine and he plans to practice in full today setting him up to play on Sunday against the Ravens. Stay tuned for the final injury report to be released today.

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