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Did Maurkice Pouncey Retire after Sunday Nights Game?

There has been much speculation throughout the day regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers offseason. There have been many overreactions as usual. "Fire Mike Tomlin, Trade Cam Heyward for a 7th round pick, burn it all down in Pittsburgh." Those are just some of the Hot Takes we have heard from Pittsburgh's Media and Steeler fans throughout the day. One article we came across was written by Dale Lolley on DK Pittsburgh.

Ben Roethlisberger on Pouncey after the Steelers Playoff Loss: “I love that guy,” Roethlisberger said. “He is one of the best competitors and teammates that I’ve ever had. It’s been so much fun sharing a football field with him. I hated that it ended the way it did. I wanted to apologize to him, that I wanted to win it for him.”

Is this why Ben Roethlisberger was saying during his post-game comments that Pouncey is the best teammate he has ever had? This is a huge story developing from Dale Lolley and it sounds like Maurkice Pouncey played his last game as a Pittsburgh Steeler and could retire in the offseason as Dale has alluded to. It also makes sense why Ben says he hated the way it ended and he wanted to win it for Pouncey. Does Ben Roethlisberger know something we don't know? Did Pouncey tell him on the bench after the game that he is done? Dale Lolley thinks so and it would make sense as well. Stay tuned.


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