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Dick LeBeau: "There won't be another Safety like Polamalu in another 100 years"

Every time there is a discussion in regards to a Steeler player being 'legendary' Troy Polamalu's name always comes up. I can almost guarantee it... Just go to the grocery store and ask someone randomly which player they think of when you think about the Pittsburgh Steelers. The majority of the time Troy's name will come up. There will never be another player close to the talent that Polamalu showed on the field in Pittsburgh. He is that special of a player.

Now Polamalu will be inducted in Pro Football Immortality soon. I am glad that he is going in as a First-Ballot Hall of Famer too because if Ed Reid can get in right away there is no reason why Polamalu shouldn't have either. On Wednesday Polamalu released a tweet asking his former coach in Pittsburgh to put him in. That ended up being a hint at who was going to induct him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

LeBeau played an integral part of Polamalu's time in Pittsburgh. Polamalu played 11 years with LeBeau being his defensive coordinator and when Troy decided to retire so did LeBeau. The last time LeBeau coached in the NFL was with the Titans in 2017.

Dick LeBeau after he was asked to induct Troy Polamalu into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “Troy was a dream come true to coach and it’s a tremendous honor and a dream come true to call him a fellow Hall of Famer, I think the good Lord made only one Troy and I am very thankful he placed him in our lives, that being mine and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s a once in a generational player. There won’t be another safety like him in another 100 years.”


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