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Devin Bush responds to Cam Heyward telling him to 'Calm his Ass' on Twitter

Days of our lives seems to continue on social media with the Pittsburgh Steelers. At times it feels like there is more drama on Steelers Twitter than there is with the soap opera show 'Days of our lives.' The majority of the drama is created by idiotic tweets coming from players who think they're are being funny, but it comes off as bad in the eyes of the media.

With this day and age in regards to social media, the National Media love to twist tweets or comments into something they were not meant to be. So it would be wise for some of the Steelers players like Devin Bush to watch what they put on social media or you could just become a savage and not give two f*cks. Becoming a savage on social media can cost you a lot of money though and eventually it will catch up to you...

I am not bothered by what people put on social media as long as it is tasteful. Who really cares if players want to voice their opinions. That is why social media was created in the first place. So f*ck your sensitivty. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't make them the villain. People need to get over that and stop being so sensitive, but I digress on that topic.

Cam Heyward recently told Devin Bush he needed to calm his ass down on Twitter. I didn't think Bush would respond back, but he decided to do it a couple of days after Cam sent that tweet out. Bush said, "I got mind control over Cam. He tell me to Calm my ass down, but when he log off... I be talking again."

It will be interesting to see if many veteran Steeler players will pull Bush aside when they head into training camp this Thursday and ask him to stop with the social media crap. Zach Banner and Cam Heyward could be the first two to do it. It will be interesting to see if there will be any camp battles this offseason too as there is always some form of drama during training camp because tensions are running high and many players are trying to make the team. If I were Devin Bush I would calm the tweets down, but I would still voice my opinion. Just for god sake do not retweet a cat falling from 30 stories high!!


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