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Devin Bush is looking shredded during OTA's

Devin Bush was having himself a great season in 2020 until he tore his ACL against the Browns. Once Bush went down it left a big hole in the middle of the field going forward during the 2020 season. It has been a long road for Devin Bush during the offseason to rehab from tearing his ACL, but he looks like he is doing great.

Devin Bush in regards to his ACL rehab: “Rehab is going good. I am on schedule,” said Bush. “I am feeling stronger week by week. I am trying to get ready physically for next year, especially for camp. I am just staying positive about things and doing everything I can possible to make myself one of the best players next year.”

Bush on missing the rest of the 2020 season: “Missing the time with your teammates, coaches, and everybody in the building,” said Bush. “It’s hard to be alone and watch football every Sunday, not able to participate. A lot of that motivation comes from that. As a competitor, the motivation of coming back and being better is another motivator. Just sitting there and being able to take everything in and put that energy somewhere else. You have to put that inside your rehab and things you want to get accomplished next year.”

Justin Layne recently posted a video of Bush flexing while at the Steelers facility and he looks shredded. Bush looks to be ready to go for training camp and I would imagine the Steelers would take it easy with him when he does get back onto the football field as they will be doing with Zach Banner too.

Look for Bush to make a big comeback heading into 2021 to show he has overcome his ACL tear in 2020. Hopefully, he will respond in a big way one the Steeler's defense going forward because they will need him in the middle of the field in a big way.


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