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Devin Bush has crossed the line. He needs to log off Twitter

(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It was all fun and games until yesterday in regards to Devin Bush's recent Twitter activity. Yesterday morning, I wrote an article stating that Bush was entertaining on Twitter and that he didn't tweet anything out of line thus far. Well, yeah, it aged terribly. Bush crossed the line.

Around six hours after I posted the article, Bush quote retweeted a video of a cat falling from a six-story building. It was absolutely sickening and repulsive. The cat reportedly survived the fall but is paralyzed. As of writing this, Bush has still not deleted the tweet.

A lot of Bush's tweets lately have been off the wall, and at first, I thought he was just trolling, but it's starting to become worrisome. He just needs to log off social media and focus on getting ready for the season. He's hurting his image and the fan base is not happy with him right now, and understandably so with what he tweeted yesterday.

A teammate or even the higher ups like Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert, and Art Rooney II need to talk to Bush and tell him to get off social media for a while and make sure he's doing OK mentally because something's clearly going on right now.

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