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Despite how things ended, Polamalu says he has a 'great' relationship with the Steelers organization

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Troy Polamalu was essentially forced into retirement by the Steelers organization back in 2015, but he doesn't hold any grudges for how things ended.

"In regards to how my career ended, it ended at the most perfect time," Polamalu said at his Pro Football Hall of Fame press conference yesterday. "I'm so grateful that I'm here today with the faculties that I have, with the health that I have, with my family, and being able to experience the memories that I have had I not continued to play. So I'm definitely grateful for the time that my career ended.

"In terms of the relationship since, I've had a great relationship, to be honest. I went out to dinner several times with Mr. Rooney whenever they come out to L.A., and Mrs. Rooney, so I'm still close to the family and many of the owners. I don't make it out to Pittsburgh much because my kids are deeply involved with sports. So, my relationship with the organization has been great."

Polamalu was asked if he still keeps up to date with the current Steelers, and the Hall of Famer admitted that he's not glued to the TV watching the black and gold.

"In terms of how much I follow the organization, that I haven't done a very good job of," Polamalu said. "That's where I rely heavily upon teammates like Ike (Taylor) and Ryan (Clark), who are still really tied to the game, and say, 'Hey is this guy as good as they say?' 'Oh, yeah, he's legit.' So I stay pretty loosely tied like that, and our group chats are pretty interesting as well."

Polamalu also revealed that he plans on returning to Heinz Field this year for the first time since retiring for his Hall of Honor induction ceremony.

"Yeah, God willing, this season my family and I will be able to make it back to Pittsburgh for a couple games, at least," Polamalu said.


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