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Daniel Jeremiah has the Steelers selecting Malik Willis at 20th overall in his mock draft 2.0

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Daniel Jeremiah of is also on the Malik Willis to Pittsburgh hype train, as he has the Steelers selecting the Liberty quarterback at 20th overall in his mock draft 2.0.

"The Steelers are looking to get more dynamic at quarterback and Willis is a special athlete," Jeremiah said.

Earlier this month, Jeremiah was on Ari Meirov's podcast, and he flat-out said that all signs point to Willis landing with the Steelers.

“Everyone thinks he’s going there (Pittsburgh) by the way," Jeremiah told Meirov. "Just being down there (at the Senior Bowl) and being around NFL circles and buddies, everyone’s saying that he’s going to be a Steeler.”

Mike Tomlin mentioned quarterback mobility frequently last season, as that's where the league is trending. And Willis certainly fits the bill. He can make plays with his legs and extend plays. After the last two seasons with a non-mobile Ben Roethlisberger, Tomlin knows that having a quarterback with mobility is a must-have. Of course, accuracy and decision-making are still very important, but it's tough to win in today's league without a mobile quarterback.

Check out the mobility and accuracy by Willis in the clip below against Virginia Tech. That's what Tomlin and the Steelers are looking for.

Kevin Colbert told reporters on Monday that there is good quality available at quarterback in this year's draft. Along with Willis, Kenny Pickett is considered the best or second-best quarterback in this year's draft. Sam Howell, Matt Corral and Desmond Ridder are other quarterbacks who are possible first or second-round picks. Jeremiah has the Saints selecting Pickett at 18th overall in his mock draft.

"As far as this draft class of quarterbacks, there's good quality available, probably not as many as there have been in recent years," Colbert said via Bob Labriola of "But it is what it is, and we had a great look at a lot of the top quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl. That was a great experience to see them back to back on a given day. We saw them all, and it was it was very good work, so we're excited about that whole part of this process."

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