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Cuts the Steelers can make to save money

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers have themselves one of the worst cap situations in the league. I know as Steelers fans, it’s hard to cut some of our favorite players early, especially when some of the players on this list are fan favorites. So, please humor me here and please let me know if you agree and disagree. The site we used for this article is Over the Cap.

Joe Haden

The Steelers could save some serious money by cutting Joe Haden, this might be a very unpopular move, however, the Steelers might just need to do this in order to sign some of their key players that might be on their list. Joe Haden would surely be missed, he is one of the vocal leaders on this defense. He is a Cleveland Browns defector, who truly found a home in Pittsburgh. One of his biggest moments for sure was that interception against Tom Brady in the Steelers revenge game against him. Joe would be missed, however, the Steelers need to look younger and cheaper. Perhaps cutting Joe would mean we would be able to keep Mike Hilton instead. That’s something the Steelers Front Office can’t refuse.

Maurkice Pouncey

Dude gotta go. Look, I get he’s Ben’s buddy. However, he needs to go. His play has rapidly declined and that first snap in the Wild-Card against the Browns proves that. Him and Alejandro Villanueva have rapidly declined the last couple years. I want this Offensive-Line group to be rebuilt. They just haven’t been up to par and it’s clearly holding back the team. Especially the run game which has also been on a downward trend. The last couple games of the year, we couldn’t get anything going and it really hurt this team in the long run.

Vince Williams

This one I am not really for. However, his name has been mentioned. I am a very big Vince Williams supporter, however, the Steelers could choose to cut him and move to get younger at the position. Still, Vince is a favorite of Tomlin’s and this might not happen. He’s a great player who has worked his way up in the league and to just outright cut him would not be the right move for the Steelers. Perhaps, instead maybe we could restructure his contract instead.

Derek Watt

I’ll admit, I was very excited for this signing, however, they just weren't using him correctly, and when they did try to use him. It was way too late. I would like to see the Steelers get more creative next year. However, if they choose to cut him. I don’t think I would be too surprised. The Steelers might look to find someone else who is cheaper at the FB position. It would be stupid not to use a fullback. Especially if we keep James Conner somehow. Hopefully the new OC knows that a fullback very much helps these power runners. However, TJ Watt might want to keep his brother in town. The next highest paid player on the Steelers might just have a couple requests before he signs that new contract.

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