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Craig Wolfley says he 'wouldn't be surprised' if Alejandro Villanueva retires

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Legal tampering started almost two weeks ago and there seems to be no interest from teams in Alejandro Villanueva. Spotrac had Villanueva's market value at around $16 million per year and with the big offensive tackle still unsigned, he won't get close to that figure. That's why many think Villanueva could return to the Steelers on a cheap deal.

That's if he still wants to play, however. Craig Wolfley of Steel City Insider, recently wrote in an article that he wouldn't be surprised if Villanueva retires.

"After all he has been through, and survived, he may be on to his “life’s work” as Coach Noll used to say," Wolfley wrote.

This is of course just speculation and an opinion from Wolfley, but it does hold more weight from a guy like Wolfley, who is close with the Steelers, especially the offensive lineman on the team.

Wolfley also writes, "Al has always struck me as a man with bigger interests and talents than just holding down the blind side of a football field."

Villanueva turns 33 in September and with Maurkice Pouncey retiring in February and Ramon Foster retiring last year, he also might be soon to follow. David DeCastro is 31 and probably only has a few years left as well. The core guys that Villanueva played with on the offensive line are mostly all gone.

And as Wolfley mentions, Villanueva has other interests and might want to just move onto the next chapter of his life. Villanueva has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, so he might want to pursue a career in business or be involved in continuing to give back to veterans. The possibilities are endless for Villanueva, as he's accomplished great things in his life from being honored with a Bronze Star as an Army Ranger to being a starting left tackle in the NFL.

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