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Cowboys won’t name starting Quarterback (YET)

(Photo obtained via Getty Images From Elsa)

The Steelers don’t know who they will be facing on Sunday. This won’t matter really because both quarterbacks are relatively inexperienced in the NFL so the Steelers won’t have much tape on either of them other than them being in college.

The two quarterbacks they could be facing would either be Cooper Rush or Garrett Gilbert. So it will be interesting to see who they end up selecting to face this very good Steelers defense who is on pace to do quite well against this inexperienced quarterback who is going to be placed in a very tough position. We should get an answer on who they are playing against on Saturday. So we will see who our next victim will be.

These Cowboys are definitely not contending this year with injuries to Dak Prescott and Andy Dalton. However, that division is quite terrible and anything can happen. If the Cowboys would want to change the narrative this season, they would definitely need to beat this Pittsburgh Steelers. I see this being very unlikely with the underperforming of many players on that roster.

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