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Could this be Mike Tomlin’s last year in Pittsburgh?

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Mike Tomlin without of doubt is due some criticism for the team’s recent woes, however, Mike Tomlin has been one of the better coaches in the league overall. Players love Coach T and he’s had some good seasons recently, however, he can’t seem to get us through the playoffs. I know the blame doesn’t solely fall on him. However, he’s the head coach and he will be the one answering to everything with the team.

I think Mike Tomlin’s seat could be getting warmer; however, this season won’t be the season he gets fired. I think the organization would like to give him a chance on finding Ben’s replacement. His whole coaching career he has had Ben Roethlisberger and perhaps he is lucky that he has had Ben. However, I want to see him with the QB of the future. However, after that if it isn’t a success, I think the two would have to part ways.

Look, I love Mike Tomlin. I think he’s a great guy, I love him coaching my Steelers, however, he hasn’t been successful as of late in the post-season and this season the team absolutely imploded, and I think he will largely be blamed for that.

Mike Tomlin if he “retires” or doesn’t have his contract renewed, he will be remembered as another bright spot for the Steelers’ organization. He brought us another Championship and took us to another. However, it’s been more than a decade since our last Super Bowl win and our fans are feeling that weight.

If Mike Tomlin is to go, who will the replacement be? There is no telling who the Steelers will decide as a replacement right now obviously. However, I do hope that the Steelers don’t choose someone in-house and decide to completely rebuild the coaching staff and start fresh. No more promoting in house, at that point it would definitely be time to start fresh and build a new identity.

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