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Could the Dolphins draft Najee Harris at pick 18?

(Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

This is a very possible scenario that Steelers fans need to be prepared for. Personally, I think it could happen. However, there are many scenarios in my head where this doesn't happen and the Dolphins select another top-tier player at 18. It really just depends on who's on their Draft board.

The Dolphins, much like the Steelers, have a big hole on their team in the running back position. I mean, Najee Harris is the RB1 both teams are looking for. The Steelers really need a player like him and I'm hoping he falls to our laps.

We just need to be prepared for the scenario when Najee is taken at 18 or even sooner. There are plenty of other running backs available, however, Najee is the type of player you want to take. That's only if he falls to our laps though. I wouldn't advise trading up to get him.

I'm hoping at pick 18, that the Dolphins decide to get a defensive player. That is a very real situation. However, the Dolphins definitely need to get Tua some more weapons and I think Najee would be a good weapon to help out Tua and they both went to Alabama.

No matter what happens, we will be okay. I just hope Najee ends up falling to our laps and we get that generational talent. If he is gone before 24, just know that the Steelers have a backup plan.

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