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Could Pat Friermuth be a 'steal' for the Steelers in the Second Round of the 2021 Draft?

(Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

Pat Friermuth was drafted by the Steelers at the 55th spot in the 2021 NFL Draft. There were definitely many other players available that yinzers wanted. However, Pat Friermuth was the right pick for sure.

The Steelers drafted Heath Miller near the end of the First Round at pick 30. Heath Miller ended up spending his career in Pittsburgh and collecting two Super Bowl rings along the way. So, personally, I think the Steelers are wise to take Pat Friermuth when they did because of the potential.

Pat is a machine. He doesn't drop a lot of balls and that's where the Steelers ended up struggling last season. Most of the players other than JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Washington were having issues with dropping passes.

Baby Gronk is his nickname as well. Much to his dismay, having that nickname is a compliment. Gronkowski is a very talented tight-end in the NFL and if the Steelers have half of that in Pat Friermuth then I say we'd come out winners.

After Vance McDonald retired, the Steelers had a hole at the tight-end spot outside of Eric Ebron. Plus Ebron only has a specific set of skills and he's not the best blocker in the world. That's nothing against him, he's just not being asked to do that all the time.

The Steelers definitely needed to add an extra tight-end in Free Agency or in the Draft. I'm glad that they choose the draft because Pat Friermuth will have his chance to excel in Pittsburgh over the next 4 seasons and possibly beyond.

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