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Will Matt Canada be back as the Steelers Offensive Coordinator in 2022?

One of the biggest topics heading into the 2022 season amongst many of Yinz is about offensive coordinator Matt Canada. His debut in 2021 with the Pittsburgh Steelers was not a good one at all. In fact, the Steelers offense finished 23rd in the NFL just behind the Detroit Lions. At times Canada would call some bone headed plays like throwing on 3rd and 1 or throwing the ball 4 times in a row when the Steelers were on the goal line. Many of Yinz in Pittsburgh and all over the nation are absolutely done with him as the Steelers Coordinator, but Mike Tomlin doesn't seem done at this point.

Tomlin on Matt Canada: “I'm optimistic about Matt and what he's capable of doing,” Tomlin said. “I acknowledge that we took a step back. There are some obvious, tangible reasons why that occurred. I'm not going to get into all of that. I'm not going to seek comfort in that. We've got to be better. We intend to be. And that's going to require a lot of planning and work, players and coaches.”

For the love of God why can't Coach Mike Tomlin just acknowledge Matt Canada is not an NFL level coordinator and cut him loose? Well for one the Steelers really don't like change throughout their organization so quickly. They like to keep things running like a well oiled machine. Well if the organization thinks the offense was running like a well oiled machine during the 2021 season then I would like to sell them some snake oil...

The Steelers haven't given an offensive coordinator less than 2 years to try and get things right in Pittsburgh. The last time they fired an offensive coordinator after their first season with the Steelers was in 1998 according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Tomlin on coaching staff changes in 2022: “I don't know that I'm anticipating any, but I don't know that I'm going to be surprised by any,” Tomlin said. “I understand change is a part of our business and I don't run away from it. I'm not overly resistant to it. I don't run to it, as well. I don't change for the sake of changing. I'm open to change where appropriate.”

That sure sounds like the Steelers are going to go into the 2022 season without making any changes in regards to the offensive coordinator position. Bob Labriola also just addressed this during his Asked and Answered column today... He thinks based on what Mike Tomlin said during his recent press conference on January 18th he doesn't believe there will be any changes at the offensive coordinator position.

The question going forward is should the Steelers look for a mobile quarterback to best fit Matt Canada's system? I would have to say yes at this point. Even if Matt Canada doesn't work out again in 2022 the Steelers can cut ties with him and be ok with having a mobile QB because the NFL game is changing toward mobile quarterbacks.

Tomlin hasn't had the chance to sit down with Matt Canada yet because he is doing player exit interviews. So both Mike Tomlin and Matt Canada have yet to have a detailed conversation yet, but they will in the near future. So it looks like by listening to all of the organization talk in regards to Matt Canada he will certainly be back in 2022. So for all of Yinz wishing he would be fired I wouldn't get your hopes up because you're probably going to be let down as we think he will be back in 2022.


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