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Could Center Quinn Meinerz be a Sleeper Pick in the 2021 NFL draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Everyone thought the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to bring in a veteran center during the 2021 offseason, but that does not look like the case unless they will settle for BJ Finney going into the 2021 season. Finney is capable of playing the center position for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the problem is he can be very injury prone and if Finney goes down the Steelers are going to have a problem on their hands. Yes, they have J.C. Hassenauer sitting behind Finney, but I don't believe that will be their answer going forward if Finney goes down.

The Steelers should get a center in the 2021 NFL draft if they do not end up getting a veteran center down the road before the season starts. One of the prospects that would fit the Steelers mold is center Quinn Meinerz. This kid is a blue-collar worker and trains in the woods with makeshift weight equipment. His character traits fit the mold for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he could be a sleeper pick for the Steelers in the 2021 NFL draft too.

Meinerz had a strong Senior Bowl showing. In fact, the announcers at the Senior Bowl were saying they were most impressed with Meinerz during the Senior Bowl and that he was killing guys on the football field. Not only was he great on the football field, but many were impressed with his work ethic off of the football field too. His workout videos consisted of a GoPro, oversized propane tanks being thrown over his shoulder, a weight bench on the flat crest of a slight rock-infested hill, and climbing to the second level to uproot a small tree. It was pretty impressive.

Quinn came from a small Division 3 school just like Kevin Dotson came from so it could be another sleeper pick for the Steelers if they do indeed draft him in the 2021 NFL draft. He is a big-time blocker who bends his knees and uses leverage to his advantage. You could see it during his senior bowl performance. He was dominating. He actually looked better than Creed Humprhey in regards to leverage during the Senior Bowl. Humphrey is considered one of the top center prospects going into the 2021 NFL draft too.

Not only does Quinn use leverage to his advantage, but he is very strong and controls his opponents. He also is very good a run blocking and keeps his hands moving. He blocks with a nasty attitude. He is proven to be a starting NFL center toward the end of his rookie season much like Kevin Dotson became in 2020.

Here is Pro Football Networks Analysis on Meinerz: "Meinerz was a dominant small-school blocker who took it to another level at the Senior Bowl and dominated every day of practice. He’s a true power gap lineman who can line up at guard or center, and Meinerz comes with a large upside. He’s a determined prospect who I believe will be starting in the NFL by the end of his rookie season."

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