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Could Caleb Farley be a guy for the Steelers on Day 2 of the NFL Draft?

(Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Caleb Farley has teams split on whether or not to draft him in the First Round. I am also a little nervous about his nagging back injury. However, when healthy, he is quite a lights-out player for the Hokies and the Steelers have a need for an extra cornerback with the departure of Nelson and Hilton. Also, what will happen with Justin Layne?

Caleb Farley is a guy I wouldn't take a chance on in the First Round, however, in the second round? You would be crazy not to even consider this as a real possibility. The good news with Farley is he didn't play in 2020, so hopefully giving his body some rest will help him and his eventual NFL career.

He could still go in the first round, but as I said above, I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow slides into Round 2. I just don't think he will last very long. If he does, cool, the Steelers might just not be able to ignore the player they would be getting.

They still have a need at Offensive Line, however, this team does have some extra holes that need to be filled and if you can get another good player, I don't think anyone will be upset. Especially with Joe Haden not getting any younger.

Either way, I am excited about the NFL Draft. I'm just ready to finally get the 2021 season going. Especially after the disappointing end to the 2020 NFL Season. It'll be nice to see what Colbert, Tomlin, and Rooney come up with.

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