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Could Anthony McFarland Jr get a Helmet on Sunday?

(Photo via Anthony McFarland's Instagram)

It almost seems certain Anthony McFarland Jr could get a helmet on Sunday right? He took to Twitter this morning and said "Let's get it," a day before Sunday's game. Does he know something we don't know? Unfortunately, we did not get to see McFarland Jr play against the Giants on Monday Night as he was ruled out prior to the game. McFarland was in the Concussion Protocol during Training Camp.

McFarland Jr is a Speedster. You would consider his game as broke man's Kamara. They have similar skill sets. He had a 4.44-second 40 yard dash during the NFL Combine and played for Matt Canada in College who called him an explosive back.

“We were really excited when that worked out for us because I certainly have strong feelings for him Anthony McFarland as well,” said Canada. “He is an explosive back, a dynamic back. He can take a five- or eight-yard gain and make it a very big play in a hurry, which he has done and shown in his play in college and the time I was with him.”

“I am excited to have him around. He is excited. He is learning, he is working, he is doing everything that I hoped he would be doing… I think he will find his niche and have a role for us."

McFarland Jr had praise for Matt Canada when he found out he was hired for the Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Coaching job.

“He was a players coach at Maryland,” McFarland said. “He cared about us a lot, and that made us want to play for him even more because of how he took over that job.”

At Maryland McFarland Jr had 9 games of his 19 with at least one run that exploded for 20+ yards. In 2 years with Maryland McFarland had 1,684 yards rushing averaging 6.7 yards per carry with 13 Touchdowns. He also can catch out of the backfield. McFarland had 199 yards receiving averaging 8.3 yards per catch and 1 Touchdown.

Could McFarland get a helmet on Sunday? According to his twitter post it looks like a good scenario for him to make his debut on Sunday. Let's hope we see the speedster in action on Sunday against the Broncos!

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