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Coach Jim Mora still believes the Pittsburgh Steelers will draft Najee Harris in the 2021 Draft

It seems like the Pittsburgh Steelers will be adding a premier running back in the 2021 NFL draft. The question is who do they value the most between the running back prospects heading into the 2021 draft? So far the Steelers have met with Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, and Kenneth Gainwell in regards to running backs. The Steelers seem to have had everyone at Harris's meeting with the Steelers including their whole communication and coaching staff. So that should tell you how much value the Steelers have invested into Najee.

Coach Jim Mora believes the Pittsburgh Steelers would be the best fit for Najee Harris going into the 2021 draft and he recently sat down with Sports Illustrated's Noah Strackbein and discussed it even more. Mora says he is not going to back off his belief that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the team to draft Najee Harris and that the City of Pittsburgh should do backflips if the Steelers do end up drafting Harris because it would be a great pick.

Mora feels there are only two first-round draft picks heading into the 2021 NFL draft. He feels Najee Harris and Travis Etienne are first-round prospects. Anyone outside of those two running backs he feels is second or later-round draft picks. He feels those two running back prospects are significantly better and distance themselves as being elite running back prospects compared to the rest of the field.

Jim Mora on Najee Harris and Travis Etienne: "First of all, (Harris) is an amazing person," Mora said. "I know that that organization values that. Travis is the exact same type of character kid, Different on the field. Travis has a little bit more breakaway speed. Travis may be a little bit better coming out of the backfield as a receiver, although we know Najee can do that."

Although Jim Mora says Najee and Etienne are the most elite prospects at the running back position he does say you can find players that absolutely have good traits, redeeming qualities, they also have some things that make you say 'I don't know.' Mora says those 'I don't know questions' are in regards to size, breakaway speed, as well as the ability to stand and protect Ben Roethlisberger. If Harris and Etienne are gone before the Steelers pick Mora feels they could go into the 3rd round and get some guys that you can get in the second round. He feels some top running backs are going to fall in the draft.

Jim Mora on Pittsburgh Steelers and Najee Harris: "I'm hoping they end up with Najee Harris. That would be a great pick."

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