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Coach Jim Mora: "If Najee Harris is there for the Steelers he is the perfect fit for Pittsburgh"

It looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers are zeroing in on a running back in the 2021 NFL draft. The Steelers have met with Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams, Kenneth Gainwell, and Trey Sermon. There is no doubt they will be drafting their future running back in the 2021 NFL draft. The question is when will they decide to draft a running back? If they would like Najee Harris or Travis Etienne then a first-round pick might be necessary because their second-round pick is not until pick 55. Unless they decide to trade back and gain an extra second-round pick. Javonte Williams, Kenneth Gainwell, and Trey Sermon could be there in the second round.

The Steelers have shown a lot of interest in Najee Harris throughout the pre-draft process. They met with him at the Senior Bowl. Tomlin and Colbert met with him on Alabama's first pro day and the Steelers running back coach Eddie Faulkner has met with him on Alabama's second pro day. Clearly, there is a ton of interest between the Steelers and Najee Harris.

Coach Jim Mora recently sat down with Noah Strackbein of Sports Illustrated and explained how Najee Harris would be the perfect fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Coach Jim Mora on Najee Harris: "If Alabama's Najee Harris is there, that he's the perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers," Mora said. "He's the next Franco Harris, Le'Veon Bell."

That is a strong statement by Jim Mora saying Najee Harris can be the next Franco Harris in Pittsburgh. I believe Najee Harris could be the biggest push the Steelers running game needs in 2021 if he does indeed fall to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only is Harris exceptional at football, but he is a high character type of guy on and off of the football field. He recently drove 9 hours to be at Alabama's Pro Day to support his teammates.

Coach Jim Mora on Najee Harris Character: "The thing that stands out to me about Najee is his character," Mora said. "He's a high character individual and I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are an organization and the Rooneys are a family that have always put an emphasis on that. He fits the mold of the type of player that Mike Tomlin would like to populate his roster with."

One of the biggest similarities Jim Mora compared the Steelers and Najee Harris with is toughness. He says one of the biggest elements Najee Harris brings to the game of football is toughness. The Steelers are known for their physical football and Mora feels that is a big reason why he would fit perfectly with the Steelers organization. If Najee does indeed fall to the Pittsburgh Steelers I feel they have no choice but to draft him. He is too good of a talent to pass up on. Hopefully, he falls to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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