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Coach Bill Cowher has received the Daniel M. Rooney Ambassador Award

(Caitlyn Epes/Pittsburgh Steelers)

Coach Bill Cowher still is Pittsburgh Royalty. Once again, he came back to where it all began and joined fellow Pittsburgh citizens at The Ireland Funds Pittsburgh ‘A Summer Soiree' dinner.

This dinner had many attendees such as Art Rooney II and many others. This event actually ended up being cancelled a few times before they were actually able to put it on. However, with tons of luck and perseverance, they were able to put it on and gather together once again.

Teressa Varley of the Pittsburgh Steelers said it best, "The luck of the Irish was bestowed upon Cowher, the Steelers newly elected Hall of Fame coach, who was honoured with the first-ever Daniel M. Rooney Ambassador Award. The award is given to an individual who reflects Rooney's leadership, love of Pittsburgh and contribution to the community."

That above is what Coach Cowher, the Hall of Fame coach from Pittsburgh himself (Crafton) has never forgotten where he has come from and continues to give back to the community. Check out Bill Cowher's book on Amazon.

I am happy for Coach Cowher, who gets inducted into the Hall of Fame soon, is continuing to be recognized for what he means to the Pittsburgh community. We wish him nothing but the best.


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