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Clemson honored Kevin Colbert with his own jersey for 22 years with the Steelers

(Photo via Clemson Football on Twitter)

At the Clemson pro day on Thursday, Dabo Sweeney honored Kevin Colbert with his own jersey for 22 years with the Steelers. Colbert is set to step down from his general manager position following this year's draft.

It was a class act by Sweeney and the Clemson program, and it just shows how well-respected Colbert is across football and the scouting community.

"To have the type of consistency that he's had since he's been with the Steelers, especially in y'all's league, as you all know, how hard that is to win. It's incredible," Sweeney said of Colbert. "And so just like I talk about things that are unseen that drive our success and consistency, it's the same thing in Pittsburgh. And man, they've won because they've got good people."

The always humble Colbert was taken back by the honor from Sweeney.

"What coach talks about with the culture in this program. This is a unique place," Colbert said. "They way they treat us, we have to appreciate that. Again, I can't say. This is special because it comes from special people. Thank you so much."

Mike Tomlin is one of the few NFL head coaches that attends the Clemson pro day almost ever year. Tomlin was even at Clemson's practice on Wednesday. Swinney told Matt Connolly of that Tomlin usually comes the day before pro day and watches practice. Tomlin said Clemson is a "must stop" for him every year.

Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross said the Steelers and the Raiders showed a lot of interest in him, according to Dan Vasko. Ross worked a lot with Jackson during drills and the Steelers reportedly met with him after the workout.

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