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Chase Claypool would like the Titans to reimburse him for his Rookie Dinner

(Photo via the NFL)

The Steelers found out yesterday morning that their game has been postponed until later in the season. This is unfortunate for the Steelers because they were preparing for the Titans and did not find out until Thursday morning. Mike Tomlin has given the Steelers the weekend off, but players will have to stay local for Covid-19 tests as mandated by the NFL organization. Many players took to twitter asking if this was their bye week even though the Steelers have been practicing for the Titans. One tweet that made us laugh was from Rookie Chase Claypool. He jokingly said: "A rookie dinner instead of a game this weekend?? Yeah @Titans ima need a reimbursement from y'all."

The tweet was circulated around twitter before it disappeared. Not sure if Claypool was told to take it down or he took it down himself. Either way that was a great tweet and we think the Titans need to reimburse him for having to take care of the Steelers team during their rookie dinner since they have a bye week due to the Titans testing positive for Covid-19.

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