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Chase Claypool will be traveling around training with different NFL players this offseason

Chase Claypool had a great rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers despite being eliminated in the Wild-Card round of the 2020 playoffs. After being eliminated by the Browns Chase Claypool said the Browns would get clapped by the Chiefs. He was right. I would be just as bitter to lose to the Browns as Claypool was. Their Wild-Card game should have not gone the way it did. Claypool seems to have moved on from the playoff game and headed home to the British Columbia in Canada.

Claypool on his 2020 Rookie Season: “Breaking a couple of records, breaking some rookie records and some franchise records is insane to think about, but it’s not all you play for, you know, the records probably won’t be talked about that much. Hopefully, we can stack some pretty good seasons together and head to the Super Bowl one of these years."

The Steelers wide receiver will be training in California on a full training regiment after he visits with his family. He did say he is going to do some traveling to train in Houston with Eric Ebron, Florida with Miles Boykin and Diontae Johnson. Sounds like Claypool will have a loaded offseason full of training with many different NFL players!

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