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Chase Claypool was excited when he heard JuJu Smith-Schuster was coming back to Pittsburgh

JuJu Smith-Schuster looked like he played his last game with the Pittsburgh Steelers after a disappointing loss in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Everyone thought he was going to leave the team that drafted him in 2017. Claypool even thought JuJu was gone because everyone knows he is good at football. Well not everyone thought JuJu was a number one wide receiver and he was offered no more than $9 million dollars with the Ravens.

It was a disappointing offseason for Smith-Schuster, but he managed to stay with the City that he loves in Pittsburgh. So it wasn't so disappointing as it could have been. JuJu says he would like to get at least a four-year contract with the Steelers in 2022 and is very adamant about staying in Pittsburgh. Let's just hope the Steelers will show loyalty back to him after the 2021 season.

Claypool had himself a monster rookie season in 2020. He built a very good relationship with JuJu Smith-Schuster on and off of the football field during his Rookie Season and he didn't want to see him leave Pittsburgh. Claypool thought this was his last year with the team though. He even said everyone thought JuJu was not going to come back in 2021. Little to his surprise JuJu did end up staying on a one-year deal with the Steelers. Claypool was excited when he heard the news.

Chase Claypool on JuJu Smith-Schuster staying in Pittsburgh: “I think a lot of people were expecting him not to come back, not because he didn’t want to but because of the cap space situation,” Claypool said, “We all knew he really wanted to come back, we just didn’t know if it was possible. When he came back, I was excited because not only is he a good friend, but a good player, a good teammate too. He does a lot for us. Always good to have a guy like that in the building.”


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