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Chase Claypool takes Aim at his Haters on Twitter

Chase Claypool is coming off a very impressive rookie campaign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was named the Rookie of the Year with the Steelers and broke quite a few records as a rookie in 2020. Although Claypool has been exceptional on the football field the media have seemed to put him under a microscope since his Cleveland Browns comment in the playoffs when he said the Browns would get clapped.

Mark Madden often calls him AB Jr Jr, he was called a diva by Bob Labriola, and TMZ recently released a video of him in a bar fight. All the negativity seems to fuel Chase Claypool and it looks like he has taken aim at his haters on Twitter. He recently posted "Dying to see me lose... my condolences."

Good for Chase Claypool because at the end of the day you should just shut out the noise and show up on the football field. Prove your haters wrong. Claypool could be in line for a bigger season in 2021 and he could even break 1,000 receiving yards like he almost did in his rookie season. It will be fun to watch Chase Claypool going forward with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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