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Chase Claypool said the 'Browns are going to get clapped' by the Chiefs on Sunday

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers were out of the playoffs before you even knew it. They lost to the Cleveland Browns, 48-37, in last night's wild-card game, but the game was really over when the Browns got out to a 28-0 lead in the first quarter. It was an embarrassing performance by both sides of the ball. The coaching was horrendous as well. It might have just been the worst playoff loss in the 88-year history of the Steelers franchise.

JuJu Smith-Schuster got some flak for his "Browns is the Browns" comment he made last week, and Browns' players made it be known that they thought it was disrespectful after their win last night.

Chase Claypool on TikTok live today tried to clarify what Smith-Schuster meant by his remark.

“The Browns are still the Browns every time we face and have to go play them and we still have to play them with the same level of respect whether they’re 0-16 or 16-0,” Claypool said. He was saying the Browns are still the Browns. There's nothing different about them, we still play them. That's why he said nameless gray faces because (it) doesn't matter who they are we still have to play them the same. That's why I don't mess with the media because if anyone listens to his whole interview, it was a good interview answer. He was just saying the Browns are a great team. Nothing is different about them."

Claypool also took a shot at the Browns by saying they'll get blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

“You know, bad loss, but the Browns are going to get clapped next week so it’s all good,” Claypool said.

Former Steelers' free safety Ryan Clark took issue with Claypool's comment, especially since it's a day after the Steelers lost to the Browns. Clark said on Twitter, "I'm so tired of this new breed ... What does it matter if they beat you though. Shut up man."

Claypool also responded to a fan on Twitter who said the media was throwing Claypool under the bus. Claypool said it's nothing new. The Browns are heavy underdogs against the Chiefs, so what Claypool said is really what everyone is thinking.

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