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Chase Claypool responds to Devin Bush about his Tik Tok Tweet

There is never a dull day on Social Media in regards to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It seems like almost every day there is something going on with the players, media, or fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the biggest issues surrounding the Steelers players over the past few seasons has been in regards to their social media usage instead of focusing on football... At least that is what the National Media would like you to think about.

Devin Bush took to Twitter today and said if any grown man has a Tik Tok on their phone then they should stay 'TF from around him.' Of course, that would strike a tone with some of the Steelers players because some of them continue to build a brand on and off of the football field. Two of those players are JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chase Claypool.

It seems like Chase Claypool has responded to Devin Bush today on Twitter by responding with one word 'Yikes.' No one knows if both players are being serious, but who cares who does what on social media as long as it is done in a tasteful way and there is no illegal activity...

JJ Watt also took a shot at the Steelers today in a joking manner saying Devin Bush better get a different locker room if he wants to get away from Tik Tok. This would insinuate that JJ Watt thinks there are many players in the Steelers locker room who love their social media platforms and technically he isn't wrong...


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