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Chase Claypool has made his Super Bowl LV Prediction

Claypool has been doing several interviews lately. He just recently did one with Complex on a variety of different topics. One question was asked who does he think will win the Super Bowl this Sunday? He likes the Kansas City Chiefs but feels the Buccaneers will make it a great game.

Chase Claypool: "I keep saying to all of my friends that I think the Chiefs are going to win but I think the Bucs are going to make it obviously pretty tough. I don’t think Tom Brady has ever really been blown out in a Super Bowl. I am looking forward to see how he performs."

Claypool also made a prediction that the Browns would be clapped by the Chiefs. He was right that they would lose, but the game was much closer than anyone could have imagined. Let's see if Claypool's Super Bowl LV prediction will come true.

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