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Chase Claypool appears to get into a Bar Fight on March 13th in California

The 2021 Steelers offseason has been a rollercoaster ride. Many players are leaving the Steelers during the offseason due to their cap issues. In fact, five defensive starters have left and the Steelers will be looking much different going into the 2021 season. Not only are the Steelers dealing with a tough offseason now they have to deal with their star wide receiver Chase Claypool.

Claypool appears to get into a 'bar fight' on March 13th in a California Tavern. The fight happened at the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, California when he was out with some friends. The fight with Claypool started over someone throwing dollar bills at a woman inside the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, California.

The Steelers Star Wide-Reciever didn't appear to throw any punches, but at 32 seconds in the video, he kicked a person in the face while they were down. The cops were not involved with the bar fight and it is unclear if the person who was kicked while they were down is taking any action on Claypool. TMZ has reached out to Claypool for a comment, but he has not given any comment.

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