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Charles Woodson makes an honest comment on the Pittsburgh Steelers

Watching the Pittsburgh Steelers free fall has been tough to watch over the last three weeks of the season. They should not be free falling at this point. Teams who are good should be winning out their games and looking toward the playoffs. That is not the case with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have now lost to the Washington Football Team, Buffalo Bills, and now the 2-10-1 Cincinnati Bengals. Looking back on the loss to the Washington Football team made us feel like the Steelers just laid an egg against them, but looking at it now it is far worse than we imagined.

A once undefeated team is now on the decline looking at a Wild-Card spot in the playoffs and could even be fighting for the AFC North Week 17 against the Browns. Charles Woodson who is eligible to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021 made some comments about the Steelers recently. He said, "the Steelers are going to mess around on TikTok right to a Wild-Card Spot." That statement came true. Now he is saying “This is a team (The Steelers) that will be done the first week of the playoffs.” If this continues the way it is trending the past three weeks then Charles Woodson will become Nostradamus. The Steelers look to get back on track in a must-win game against the Colts this weekend or they will see the Browns in a Week 17 matchup that will become an early playoff game for the AFC North Crown.

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