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CBS Sports ranks the Steelers 1972-1979 as the Second Best Dynasty in NFL History

When you think of some of the best dynasties in the NFL you think of the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, and 49ers. For much of the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers dominated on the football field. Chuck Noll became the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969. For the first three seasons with the Steelers, they won only 12 games combined and lost 30 games. It wasn't quite the best start for Chuck Noll on the Steelers, but once 1972 rolled around the Steelers began winning football games and Championships.

During the span of 1972-1979 the Pittsburgh Steelers organization won four Super Bowls. Their first Super Bowl win was in 1974 with Chuck Noll. Then they won in 1975, 1978, and 1979. You could say from 1974-1979 was probably the best years for the Steelers in Franchise History especially after winning four Super Bowls during that time span. Noll ended up coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers for 23 years and became a Hall of Fame coach in the NFL. The Steelers have had only 3 head coaches in Franchise History and I believe Chuck Noll was one of the best head coaches.

CBS Sports recently ranked their top franchise dynasties in NFL history. Although they did rank the New England Patriots (2001-2018) as the best franchise dynasty in NFL history they did rank the Pittsburgh Steelers (1972-1979) as the second-best dynasty in NFL history.

Here is why Bryan DeArdo ranked the Steelers as the second-best dynasty in NFL History: 'Why they're No. 2: The Steelers dominated an era that included Don Shula's Dolphins, Tom Landry's Cowboys, and John Madden's Raiders. The Steelers' success not only made Pittsburgh a football-crazed city, it helped popularize the NFL nationwide during a time when pro football firmly surpassed baseball as America's new pastime. Furthermore, while the Patriots have the greatest run of success in NFL history, the 1970s Steelers continue to hold the mantle as the greatest team of all-time, a team that went 4-0 in Super Bowl competition.'


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