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CBS Sports has this Steeler Primed for Breakout Season

(Icon Sportswire/Getty Images)

CBS wrote an article talking about, "Players primed for breakout in contract year." This article was written by Chris Trapasso. This is definitely a player who is primed to have a good season.

He picked Chukwuma Okorafor as his player for the Steelers. The player out of Western Michigan has shown tremendous growth in his seasons in Pittsburgh. He needs to continue on an upward trajectory and then he will become a very rich man.

Chris said this, "In his first two seasons combined, which spanned just 120 pass-blocking snaps, Okorafor allowed a pressure every 13.3 of those snaps. In a more expanded role last season, playing right tackle, Okorafor surrendered a pressure once every 26 snaps. HELLO."

Okorafor will definitely get his shot this season. We just need to see how he rises to the occasion and whether or not the Steelers will decide to bank on him in the future. They might decide to let him walk if they don't get what they want out of him.

Chris Trapasso also had quite a conclusion for his article, "By the end of the season, the thick, deceptively athletic punishing blocker will be viewed as one of the better relatively young left tackles in football and will command a sizable raise in free agency."

Us Steeler Fans love to hear that, perhaps we will have ourselves another Pro Bowler on our Offensive Line. However, Pro Bowls don't matter when you're in the Super Bowl. Just saying.


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