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CBS Mocks Travis Etienne to Steelers at Pick 24 in the 2021 NFL Draft

(Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

I personally don't agree with this mock. They have the Steelers passing over Najee Harris. He ends up falling to pick 36 with the Dolphins. I just feel like there's no scenario here where the Steelers end up taking Travis over Najee.

I think Travis will be the top option if Najee is taken earlier in the draft. Still, I just don't see a world where the Steelers will take Travis over Najee if they are both on the board. We'll see, the Steelers might surprise us. It just seems like most of their interest is in Najee rather than Travis.

The Steelers could also opt to take an Offensive-Lineman if Najee and Travis are both gone. I wouldn't be too upset at that. However, at that point, you would need to find a way to draft Javontae Williams. He is a stud. Still, I would rather have Najee but still, you couldn't go wrong with that pick at all.

Travis Etienne would be a good fit on this Steelers offense. I would welcome him with open arms. I'm very excited for the NFL Draft, I just want to see what the Steelers got up their sleeves. I hope they are extremely aggressive here. This is most likely Ben's last year. So, go all in.

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