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CBS 2021 NFL Mock Draft has Steelers trading up for Mac Jones

(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

This mock draft by CBS has the Steelers trading with the Chargers to get their pick at number 13. CBS has the Steelers trading multiple picks for the player. Those picks include: First Round (24) and then they would get our Second Rounder and after that they would get our 2021 Third Rounder. With all of that going to the Chargers we would get their earlier round draft pick.

This particular mock has Trey Lance going to the 49ers and the other star QBs going pretty early. So, the Steelers opt to take Mac Jones out of Alabama. Honestly, I don’t really like this pick from the Steelers in this mock. The only QBs I would trade up for would be Lance, Fields or Kyle Trask. However, those guys could go fairly quickly and be out of the Steelers range.

Still, trading up for a potential franchise QB can’t be ignored. It should be explored. I just don’t think that Mac Jones is the guy for the Steelers. However, I could be wrong. Jones has thrown for 41 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in the 2020 College Football season. He also won a championship with the Crimson Tide. This could be a player the Steelers need on their roster. Not sure, however, I think the Steelers should be careful with trading any assets for any one particular player.

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