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Cassius Marsh has a problem with the ‘Patriot Way’

(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Steelers Defender Cassius Marsh appeared on Tom Segura’s Podcast recently and he had some harsh things to say about the ’Patriot Way’

He said this, “The Patriot Way is extremely impressive, they work day-in and day-out. Their work ethic over there, what they instill, is pretty legendary. But they also treat players like crap. You don’t have a lunch period. You get there and you have to make time to eat in between meetings. And they’re like five to 10 minute periods where I would literally go scoop food and put it in a cup and crush it real quick before I got to the next meeting. There’s no fun. There’s no — well, that is what I got in trouble for, for saying they don’t have fun.”

It’s just as Marsh said, they are an extremely successful organization whose most teams fear game-planning. However, they are certainly different in the way they operate.

Marsh mentioned that “a lot of the players like thanked me for making it public on how bad they treat guys. I mean, they win games so you just really can’t argue with championships."

So, which players are the ones thanking him? Is the reason he was cut from the Patriots in 2017 because he never fully bought in? Most likely.

It is important to know that Cassius Marsh respects Bill Belicheck, he just doesn’t like him. That makes two of us. I respect Bill immensely, however, I do not like how he is as a coach. Just so emotionless. However, he is a winner and you can't deny it.

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