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Can the Steelers beat the Browns?

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

They definitely can. The Browns have been having trouble with COVID this week having numerous positives around their building and it’s really got to be adding up. It’s hard not being on the practice field and getting ready for their biggest game of the season.

You could consider this game for the Browns as a Wild-Wild Card. It’s technically their first playoff game. They just need this game to get into the Playoffs. They would be in much better shape if they were able to beat the Jets in Week 16.

Today, the Browns had another positive test and that is in talented corner, Denzel Ward. He will miss this game against the Steelers, and he could maybe be in jeopardy if the Browns are able to beat the Steelers in this game and make it into the Playoffs.

The Steelers although, are resting many key starters which will definitely help the Browns out in their quest to end their Playoff drought. Even if the Browns lose, First-year head coach Kevin Stefanski is definitely the future for this team who will be looking to contend next year.

If this is Ben’s last year, the division will really open up for them next year as long as they can get past the Bengals and Ravens. That is going to be no easy task. However, if the Browns continue to strengthen their roster and Baker takes a leap. They might just be able to make that jump into the top spot in the AFC North.


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