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Cameron Sutton doesn't know why the Pittsburgh Steelers released Steven Nelson

Cam Sutton is looking to take on a bigger role heading into the 2021 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He recently signed a two-year $9 million dollar contract with the Steelers in the 2021 offseason. The Steelers recently cut one of their top cornerbacks and should be moving Cam Sutton as their starting cornerback going into the 2021 season.

Sutton was asked a few questions after he signed his new contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and one of the questions he was asked about was in regards to the Steelers cutting Steven Nelson. He didn't even know the Steelers had plans to release Nelson during the 2021 offseason and everything caught him by surprise.

Sutton on Steven Nelson: "I don't know what changed in that scenario. Obviously, that is above my pay grade. I line up and go to battle for who's out there on the field. I don't care who is to the left of me. At the end of the day, we're a team, and there's no animosity. There is no hate in between guys that are up for whatever it is. That's just our bond and how close it is."

It looks like Cam Sutton knows about as much as the media in regards to the Steven Nelson situation, but one thing is for sure he will have to step up in a big way for the Pittsburgh Steelers going into the 2021 season. The way Cam Sutton is talking throughout the 2021 offseason sounds like he is ready to take that big leap with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cam Sutton on being versatile and just playing football: "I take reps everywhere," said Sutton during the season. "Week in and week out, I am never stationary. It might depend on the day of the week or the situation throughout the week. Normally throughout the week, I am not stationary at one position. What is more special than being versatile. I never want to be a stationary guy. That is just my style of game. Being versatile is being able to come from outside to inside, being able to play safety, and come down to being able to play dime, nickel. Whatever it takes to be on the field and around the ball, that's just what it is. Everyone always talks about do you want to keep moving around. I just want to play. I just want to ball. That's it."

Sutton did say during his exit interview the Steelers told him he is going to get every opportunity to play outside cornerback in 2021. He also said he envisioned himself being a full-time starter a few hours after signing his new contract with the Steelers. It looks like Sutton will get the opportunity to become a starter with the Pittsburgh Steelers going into the 2021 season and will finally be able to show his worth to the football world.


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