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Cam Sutton says the Steelers are hungry and playing for each other

Cam Sutton has filled in for Mike Hilton against the Titans, Ravens, Cowboys, and Bengals so far this season. He has done an exceptional job as well. When Hilton comes back the Steelers need to find a way to have both on the field because they're playmakers. Cam Sutton recently said this offseason was very challenging for the Steelers with guys being in different states and cities which hurt the Steelers from having a normal schedule. Dealing with Covid-19 in the offseason Sutton says the Steelers have set up protocols to give them direction leading into camp. Whether it is injuries or dealing with Covid-19 Sutton says the Standard is the Standard when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization.

"It's a mentality. It's an approach. It's how we conduct business. Day in and day out, it's preached in the organization, it's preached through the guys. It's the standard we carry, the expectation that is behind the Steelers brand of football. That shows out there each and every week. Guys are behind each other. Guys are playing for one another, playing with a lot energy and passion. It's exciting. Everyone is making plays. Guys are flying around on both sides of the ball, special teams as well. You can't do anything but gravitate to that. It's appreciated from a man like that who has been doing it for so long and is still so much loved."

The Steelers have asked Sutton to step up in many roles during practice and can pretty much play anywhere on the field when asked. He recently had his third game in a row where he has forced a fumble. Sutton says it feels good to be able to control the middle of the field and is happy with the role he is in with the Steelers. He says the defense's goals are to stop their opponents and get off the field as much as they can.

"If we aren't doing that, I feel like especially in those critical situations, that starts with me. I hold myself accountable overall with everything as far as holding us to a standard of getting off that field. That is just the expectation."

Cam says the Steelers are hungry even though they're 9-0 and are out there playing for each other. This is music to Steelers fans ears because the Steelers are not paying attention to their record, but rather taking it on a game by game basis.

"All of the guys are hungry. All of the guys are playing for each other. There is so much energy and passion out there week in and week out. It feels really good."

Football is the ultimate team sport and Cam Sutton reiterated that this week during his interview with the media. He says the Steelers are coming in as a unit and as a team. They're carrying the fight each week as a team and a unit. Mike Hilton should be coming back to the Steelers soon so it will be interesting to see how the Steelers will use both Cam Sutton and Mike Hilton going forward.

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