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Cam Sutton reached out to Tre Norwood once he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are going to walk into training camp with a ton of cornerbacks looking to compete for the slot position. Not only do they need a cornerback to fill in for Mike Hilton, but the Steelers also need to find quality depth at the position as well. So that is why they're bringing in guys like Tre Norwood, Shakur Brown, Arthur Maulet, and Lamont Wade to compete for a spot on the Steelers team in 2021. It seems like the Steelers want to bring in as many cornerbacks as they can so they can evaluate which one will fit best with the Steeler's defense. It should be a fun battle to watch during training camp.

Tre Norwood is the only cornerback the Steelers drafted in the 2021 NFL draft. All of the rest of the cornerbacks they're bringing in are veteran free agents or undrafted free agents. Norwood says he is a guy who can play anywhere on the back end of the field. Wherever the coaches want him to play in Pittsburgh whether it is corner, nickel, or safety he is all for it.

The funny thing is Cam Sutton and Tre Norwood know each other pretty well as they train in the same spot together. Norwood says he has known Sutton before he got to Pittsburgh. Sutton actually reached out to him right when he was drafted by the Steelers and he extended his arms like a bigger brother for him.

Right now the Steelers are using him everywhere to try and figure out where he best fits. They are very aware of his versatility on the football field and it should be interesting to see if they can actually use him in some disguises during the season. At Oklahoma, he played a great amount of nickel and safety. He would go back and forth between the two positions in college.

The Steelers could potentially use him as a backup safety for Minkah Fitzpatrick or Trey Edmunds. He could also potentially be placed in the slot corner position too. Only time will tell how the Steelers will use him, but there is no doubt Norwood's versatility is going to be a great thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward.


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