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Cam Sutton is training with the 'Route God' this offseason

(Screenshot of Cam Sutton training via RouteGod Tactic on Instagram)

Cam Sutton is set to become an unrestricted free agent next week and he'll be looking to cash in on a nice payday. The Steelers are currently around $6 million under the salary cap and they could be making more contract restructures within the next week to free up more cap space.

Sutton is on the Steelers' radar to bring back, but it will have to come at the right price. Sutton, 26, is a versatile cornerback who can play both inside and outside and is a rising player in the league.

Spotrac has Sutton's market value at over $7 million per year. Mike Hilton's market value is about the same, but closer to $8 million per year. It would be surprising to see the Steelers keep both Sutton and Hilton. It will have to be one or the other. Hopefully, they don't lose both.

While waiting for a pay increase next week, Sutton is currently training with the "Route God" in Tampa Bay, Fla. In the videos below you can see Sutton putting in work with the "Route God."

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