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Cam Sutton is Happy to Stay in Pittsburgh and could be the Next Man Up when Nelson leaves

It looks like Joe Haden could have a new friend across the field from him when the 2021 season begins. Mike Hilton has signed with the Bengals for $24 million dollars and Steven Nelson is looking to either get traded or be released to sign with another team. Several cornerbacks could see more playing time in Pittsburgh now if they decide not to get a top prospect at CB in the 2021 NFL draft. They're James Pierre, Justin Layne, and Cameron Sutton.

My bet would be Cameron Sutton to be the next man up to take Nelson's spot going forward if the Steelers were not planning on bringing anyone else in. Sutton can play both inside and outside at cornerback. When Sutton was given an opportunity to start with the Steelers he looked fantastic. He was moving all over the field and breaking up a ton of passes. He is also a turnover machine. Sutton loves to rip the ball out of his opponent's hands on occasion. He could be the Steeler who takes Steven Nelson's position.

Cam Sutton on signing a two-year contract with the Steelers: "It makes me feel really good," Sutton told SiriusXM NFL Radio after signing. "You're talking about first and foremost an organization that has had nothing but the utmost respect and support behind me from the beginning. A team that drafted me out of college one. Being able to say that you're drafted, that's a blessing in its own. And especially to a historic and great city like Pittsburgh."

Sutton is happy to sign back with the Pittsburgh Steelers and they get to keep him for less than Steven Nelson would cost. Both play in similar ways, but I think Sutton is a bit more aggressive when he gets to play on the outside.

Cam Sutton on staying in Pittsburgh: "Just being able to stay with Pittsburgh, that means a lot as well. It's just a relationship. You meet so many great people over the time, and it's only going to get better. It's not just as big as football. The city itself, the people. Everything outside of football in the City of Pittsburgh, it's hard to just want to up and leave and move your family around, especially when you have so many supportive people behind you."

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