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Cam Sutton is expected to be the Starting Outside Cornerback with Joe Haden in 2021

It looks like the Steelers will be walking into the 2021 season with a new outside starting cornerback. The plan is to have Cam Sutton take Steven Nelson's spot for the 2021 season according to Cam Sutton himself. Sutton spoke on a Zoom call today with the Steelers and he said he is ready to take over the outside cornerback position with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cam Sutton: "Coming out of exit meetings, going into this season, they were going to give me every opportunity to come in and play outside," Sutton said in a Zoom call Monday. "It's something that I knew I could do. It's not something I couldn't do before. Even in the midst of playing on the inside and moving around, career-wise, I've always been a stationary outside guy. That's just the product and confidence in myself and them having the confidence in me to move and still have a sense whether inside or outside. Now, those opportunities have presented themselves and I'm ready."

Cam Sutton had no idea that Steven Nelson was going to be released. He learned the news the same way everyone else learned the news. Sutton said he only knew about his situation going forward and he was going to try and be the starter even if Nelson was with the Steelers or not. Well now Sutton does not have to compete with Nelson and it looks like he will be playing opposite of Joe Haden going into the 2021 season.

Cam Sutton on moving from the inside to outside cornerback position: "I love that," Sutton said on moving throughout a game. "It's more opportunity to impact the game. It's just the flow of the game. Obviously, there are situations where there is a base defense out there, and I have the comfortability of playing outside. Then you have situations with sub-packages and different breakdowns or schemes based upon what we're faced with throughout the week. That creates more opportunities for guys to step in and embrace the roles for themselves too."

William Gay made the biggest impact on Cam Sutton when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He learned so much from William Gay. Sutton loved watching Gay play and he just loved how he carried himself on and off of the football field.

Sutton on William Gay: "I came in and played with Will Gay," Sutton said, discussing Steelers who've transitioned from outside to inside cornerback. "I learned so much from him. I didn't have the opportunity to step on the field as much as I wanted to and be on the field with him. Just watching how he moves, how he carried himself in the building, and out of the building. That was uplifting to see that on a daily basis and be around those older sense of guys. Live around a position group like that. I really appreciated that from him."

Sutton is ready to start for the Steelers in 2021: "I've been able to create an opportunity for myself now and ready to roll with it with a full head of steam."

From this point forward Sutton would like to focus on the opportunity that was presented by the Pittsburgh Steelers to him. To become the outside starting cornerback opposite of Joe Haden. He said the 'Standard is the Standard, and he is ready to give that to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2021.'

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